Bearcant's 2005 Pacific Crest Trail Misadventure
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Starting: Section K12 - Miners Creek
Ending:  Section K14 - Stehekin

The longest night of my life. Ever spend a night alone in a soaking wet tent, soaking wet bag, and soaking wet clothes while the rain continues to fall & the temperature plummets? I don't recommend it.

Setting up camp after dark & in the rain last night, I knew I was in trouble the moment I pulled my bivy out of it's sack & found it to be dripping wet, inside and out. I knew I was in deeper trouble when I discovered my down sleeping was just as wet. Funny thing about down- it loses all insulating properties when it gets really wet. Also, pack covers SUCK and don't work- my gear never got wet when I used old fashioned, low tech garbage bags.

The night lasted forever. I never really fell asleep as I was too busy trying to stuff as much of my body as possible into my only dry garment: a light down jacket. Not only was I shivering uncontrollably but I couldn't control my breathing - it felt like I was hyperventilating.

I finally decided to just get up & start walking a little before 5 am. That is another perk of hiking - it keeps you warm.

As I began the ascent up to Siuatle Pass the rain finally changed to snow & I entered a winter wonderland. Luckily it is all downhill from the pass to Stehekin where I caught the last shuttle into town.

Got the last available room at the lodge & proceeded to take a very long, very hot shower. Climbing into a nice warm bed after a quick dinner of hot dogs & beans, last night feels like a far away bad dream that happened to someone else...

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Mile: 2581

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Mile: 2581

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Mile: 2584
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